Titles won as a player and coach


“Every title is important in the coach and the players’ careers, because it is an acknowledgement to their hard work”

-Ramón Angel Díaz

In world football, there are different types of players and coaches − of different ages, styles and personalities. However, very few of them become known for their immense talent. Ramón did.

Ramón Díaz was a very talented forward, one of those elite players that stood out everywhere. He is also one the most recognized coaches in the world and one of the most successful in Argentine football.

Ramón, the most winning coach of River Plate’s history

After retiring from the field, he decided he wanted to pass along his vast knowledge of the game and decided to become a coach. His first experience as head coach was in the team that prepared him as a player and where he made his first steps: River Plate.
During his first cycle as River’s coach, from 1995 to 2000 (February), he won many local tournaments. After a year, he returned to River’s bench and stayed for the 2001 Apertura Tournament and the 2002 Clausura Tournament.

Ramón in San Lorenzo

Ramón was the coach chosen for San Lorenzo, a team that had not won any title for a long time… Until Ramón took over. With Ramón on San Lorenzo’s bench for the first time, they won their 10th title in history.



Ramón Díaz made his official debut in River Plate in 1978 because many of River’s players had been called to play the FIFA World Cup (won by Argentina). He stayed in River until 1982. During his time there, he was able to show his immense talent, intelligence and high-scoring ability, winning four titles and becoming an idol.

Ramón’s undeniable talent as player and scorer led him to one of the best teams in Italy, Internazionale Milano (Inter Milan). He played 36 games, scored 14 goals and won two championships there.



If Ramón wanted to keep on getting compliments, Monaco’s fans helped him. He played there for two seasons, enough time to leave his mark. In 1991, he won the French Cup.

An eternal return

“My father wanted me to be a footballer and to play for River.” That is how Ramón described his father’s dream. A dream came true: not only did he make his debut in River, but also he returned to retire there. When he came back, he won the 1991 Argentine Championship, thus adding one more title to his successful career. He returned to River to stay in the fans’ memories forever. An eternal return.



Only a few months after his official debut in River’s First Team, Ramón Díaz was called to play the 1979 FIFA U-20 World Cup in Japan. He came back from Japan with a new position in the field, the world title and the Bronze Ball as the third most outstanding player. He was no longer a promise; he already was a real player.