“Winning a championship is an award to hard work”

-Ramón Angel Díaz

Nowadays football is governed by results. Results define the success or failure of players, coaches and officials.

Close to the opponent’s box

Ramón Ángel Díaz is aware of this but, far from being concerned, he enjoys this pressure and justifies – through this need – the hunger of glory of his teams.

Ramón is an attacking coach who, regardless of the system he uses, maintains the belief that “being close to the opponent’s box makes you be away from your own.”

From his beginnings, he has always proposed an intelligent style, merging dynamism and speed with ball possession and associated play.

Regarding the defense, he believes that collective pressure in the opponent’s field is key for the recovery of the ball and the creation of a play to score.


“If you move away from your opponent’s box, all the richness is lost. Eighty or ninety per cent of goals are scored inside the box, so, why would you move away from it?”

-Ramón Angel Díaz


-Ramón Angel Díaz

According to the characteristics of the team he is coaching, he might use a backline of 3 or 4 defenders, who will always come out of the back quickly and with conviction, trying to create an attacking play, not just passing the ball around or clearing it away.

In possession of the ball, he promotes the idea of continuous passes − visually attractive for the audience − not for the concept of “romantic” football, but in order to find the chance and the best position to start a strong attack.

Ramón Díaz is a coach that poses detailed tactical work inside the field, but he also knows that the player needs to feel free and comfortable to take advantage of his own skills, making collective play unpredictable.

In world football, there are different types of players and coaches − of different ages, styles and personalities. However, very few of them become known for their immense talent. Ramón did.

Ramón Díaz was a very talented forward, one of those elite players that stood out everywhere. He is also one the most recognized coaches in the world and one of the most successful in Argentine football.


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