“Our project addresses every sphere, aiming at being a part in the growth of our institution”

-Ramón Angel Díaz

Ramón Díaz believes that the sports aspect is one of the parts that make up the structure of institutions. This means that sports management is not isolated from officials’ decisions, political and economic issues and internal human relationships.
Therefore, his project addresses every sphere, aiming at being a part in the growth of the institution as a whole.

Relationship with officials

He aims at maintaining an open dialogue with the institution’s officials and authorities, in order to have fluid communications and shared criteria for key decisions.

Promotion of young players

Ramón Díaz is convinced that the players coming from the club’s youth divisions are an asset that guarantee future projection. That is why he considers the development of young players a permanent challenge.

With this aim, he works together with the coaches of each one of the youth divisions and keeps regular meetings with them so as to define only one working criterion, based on the use of the same system of play and similar tactical contents.

This way, he makes it easier for young players to adapt to the First Team and maximizes their performance.


“Losing a game is fine. The problem is when a team lose their way and they don’t know what they are doing. You can talk a lot but everything has to be demonstrated in the field.”

-Ramón Angel Díaz


His permanent interest in the development of young players led him to discover great talents and turn them into amazing players who excelled in some of the most important clubs in the world. To name a few: Germán Lux, Martín Demichelis, Santiago Solari, Javier Saviola, Pablo Aimar, Maxi López, Eder Álvarez Balanta, Matías Kranevitter and Giovanni Simeone.

Relationship with the press

Having a good and friendly relationship with the press is good both for the coaching staff and for the institution they represent.

He schedules regular press conferences and contacts with the press after official games. This enables the fans to be up-to-date and to listen to the protagonists.

Mutual understanding with the fans gives place to improvement in any sports and institutional project.

Institutional relations

Ramón Díaz and his coaching staff believe it is key to contextualize the sports needs with regards to the situation of the each club, analyzing the different variables and adapting to the available resources.

This means that the coaching staff consciously uses the resources available in each club according to the benefits pursued, without creating any damage for the institution.

• Players Staff: Composition, individual and group characteristics.

• Facilities: training facilities, gyms, places that could be used as pre-game accommodations, video rooms, dining rooms, materials for everyday work, medical and physiotherapy offices.