“I am the head coach of a great coaching staff. We are a close group and we all want the same things: sports success and the well-being of the institution we work for.”


-Ramón Angel Díaz

Professionals working alongside the Head Coach

Ramón Ángel Díaz has two main goals every time he takes over the position of coach:

  • To consolidate a responsible, organized and systematized group, in which each member gives his best for the scheduled daily and annual work.
  • To ratify all the achievements he has obtained throughout his long and successful career as coach.

To do so, he gathers a team made up of great professionals who help him fulfill those goals, always aware of the available resources and up-to-date with current techniques to achieve the results pursued.

Assistant Coach No. 1

Assistant Coach No. 1 has a key role in Ramón Díaz’s coaching staff, because he works closely together with the head coach in coaching the team and is in charge of maintaining a daily relationship with the players.

He is the link between the players and the head coach, always aware both of tactical and technical issues as well as of the needs of the players.

“Apart from congratulating the players, I would like to thank all the members of my coaching staff – They are professionals who understand and respect my decisions.”


-Emiliano Díaz

Ramón and his coaching staff believe that strengthening the bonds within a group of professional footballers is key to the development of the established goals and to win titles.

Assistant Coach No.2

He is in charge of assisting the head coach and assistant coach No.1. Apart from his contributions related to the game, he also deals with those issues not strictly related to football.

Assistant coach No.2 maintains a permanent dialogue with the head coach, the rest of the coaching staff and the team’s officials.

Video Analyst

The video analyst is in charge of assisting Ramón Díaz with videos – he is the person who gets the tapes and studies them in depth.

The objective of this position is for the analyst to give his football view on the previous game and to monitor the next opposing team. This saves time for the head coach, who focuses only on important matters.

Moreover, he receives the videos of the players offered during the transfer window and carries out a previous analysis in order to optimize time.


-Emiliano Díaz


“Players are responsible for the success of a team, because they are the ones who step on the field.”

-Ramón Angel Díaz

Fitness Coach No. 1

Fitness coach No. 1 is in charge of preparing the players to start the season in the best physical shape and to maintain it throughout all the different competitions they take part of, minimizing the exhaustion typical of high-performance competition.

Fitness coaches are especially important during each one of the pre-season trainings, as well as in each post-match regenerative training session and in daily practices.

They are in permanent contact with the rest of the members of the coaching staff and the staff doctor.

Fitness Coach No. 2

Fitness coach No. 2 assists fitness coach No. 1 and makes a follow-up of the physical situation of each one of the footballers. This enables fitness coach No. 1 to prepare the exercises for the players’ staff as a whole and to address their individual situations separately.

Medical Staff

Every aspect related to the medical situation of the players is their responsibility. For the proper development of each player, it is very important for all the members of the medical staff to maintain a good relationship and fluid communication among themselves and with the rest of the coaching staff.


Together with his team, the staff doctor treats the injured players and follows them up throughout the recovery process. He also refers players to different specialists and colleagues in order to treat specific injuries.

The jobs of the doctor and the fitness coaches are closely related. Each player is followed up regarding both the physical and the psychological aspects. The psychological aspect is crucial for their performance.

  • Physical Therapist: The physical therapist makes a personalized follow-up of each player, with the aim of preventing injuries. He works closely with the fitness coaches.
  • Nutritionist: The nutritionist ensures that players eat healthy, especially before and after training sessions, in order to improve their recovery and performance.

Moreover, he optimizes the individual monitoring of each player so as to prepare disciplined athletes who keep themselves at the top of their performance.


-Ramón Angel Díaz


-El cuerpo técnico con el plantel

Motivational Coach

Ramón Díaz sees the body as a unit, and he puts physical, football and psychological development at the same level of importance. That is why his staff includes a group of specialists that analyze the wishes, needs, achievements and frustrations of each player, in order to promote a healthy group from the psychological point of view.

Continuous motivation is key in his role, working with starters and substitutes for them to really comprehend their importance for the team and not to be discouraged by the tough competition present in high performance.
Ramón Díaz believes that substitutes are as important as starters, and therefore he needs them to be at their peak when their time inside the field comes.


Nowadays, the youth divisions and the young players who can be scouted there represent the main income source for clubs. That is why Ramón Díaz has a professional scouter in his team.

He also analyzes young players from other teams and tries to take them to Ramón’s club so as to generate future sports and economic benefits.


-Ramón y Emiliano Díaz

In world football, there are different types of players and coaches − of different ages, styles and personalities. However, very few of them become known for their immense talent. Ramón did.

Ramón Díaz was a very talented forward, one of those elite players that stood out everywhere. He is also one the most recognized coaches in the world and one of the most successful in Argentine football.


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