Dear River fans:

Even though the reasons why we are not currently working in the club were already explained, we feel we owe you for all the support and affection we have received. And we believe the best way to give back some of that love is to talk to you from our heart, since both you and River have a special place in it.

After some tough and painful years for all of us with River’s colors deep inside, working for River again was a great pleasure and a dream come true, and it was even nicer because we were able to reward all the efforts of a wonderful, close group of people with a new championship.

Wearing River’s emblem with pride, we enjoyed, learned from and now have great memories of every training session, every week of work, every play, and every minute of every game. We cherish every moment spent in this 18-month experience, full of emotions, with happy and difficult moments, with great stories and hard decisions. And with an ending filled with joy and relief, after adding one more star to the shirt of the club we love.

Our wish is for our beloved institution to remain at the top, and the best way to achieve this is through good football and winning more titles. We hope this first seed we humbly planted is the beginning of an era full of victories. Because River’s history dictates that a championship should not generate conformity, but more hunger of glory.

So THANK YOU is all we have left.

Because your unconditional support motivated us day after day. Because your demand for us to put a good and competitive team on the field gave us even more pleasure and responsibility. Thank you for all the love and support to the group, not only at home, but also in every city we visited all this time.

As you already know, we carry River Plate in our heart, and we know deep inside that the doors of the “Monumental” Stadium will always be open for us. A big hug to you all, and we truly wish that our club, our home, continues down the road of success.
See you soon.

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